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RFC1213-MIB:System "OID not supported by device"

"OID not supported by device". This is the message received when Solarwinds Cirrus v4 attempts to read the RFC1213-MIB:System MIB>. Device is c3750e running IOS 12.2(44)SE1. Using SNMPv3 authpriv security level. Any idea why certain MIB-2 MIB's are unavailable?

Cisco Employee

Re: RFC1213-MIB:System "OID not supported by device"

Please post the SNMP configuration of this device as well as the exact OID you are trying to query. The RFC1213-MIB::system OID is a branch and not a leaf. Therefore, it cannot be queried directly. You would have to do a GET-NEXT query on it.

Community Member

Re: RFC1213-MIB:System "OID not supported by device"

snmp-server group CirrusGroup v3 priv context SNMPv3

snmp-server context SNMPv3

gdcswhnwh047#sh snmp group

groupname: CirrusGroup security model:v3 priv

readview : v1default writeview:


row status: active

gdcswhnwh047#sh snmp user

User name: CirrusUser

Engine ID: 800000090300001FCA982481

storage-type: nonvolatile active

Authentication Protocol: SHA

Privacy Protocol: AES128

Group-name: CirrusGroup

gdcswhnwh047#sh snmp view

v1default iso - included permanent active

v1default internet - included permanent active

v1default snmpUsmMIB - excluded permanent active

v1default snmpVacmMIB - excluded permanent active

v1default snmpCommunityMIB - excluded permanent active

v1default ciscoMgmt.252 - excluded permanent active

The Solarwinds Cirrus v4 Configuration Management tool is attempting to capture System Info from the RFC1213-MIB::system branch. I assume that it is actually doing a get-next or get-bulk. But, using a MIB browser I could not view any leaves from the System branch on the Cisco 3750e.

Hope that helps.

Pete W.

Cisco Employee

Re: RFC1213-MIB:System "OID not supported by device"

It may be that SolarWinds doesn't support SNMPv3 authPriv with AES128 crypto. A sniffer trace of the SolarWinds-to-device traffic would be very helpful.

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Re: RFC1213-MIB:System "OID not supported by device"


Thanks for the help. I finally found some good information on the Solarwinds User forum. In case anyone else is having issues with Solarwinds Cirrus and SNMPv3 I have included the IOS commands:

snmp-server group Cirrus v3 priv

snmp-server view CirrusView internet included

snmp-server view CirrusView system included

snmp-server view CirrusView interfaces included

snmp-server view CirrusView chassis included

snmp-server user CirrusUser Cirrus v3 auth sha MyAuthPass priv aes 128 MyPrivPass

Thanks again,

Pete W.

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