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RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

I can find all the Vendor Type wssup32ge3b listed under through a Hardware Report against the entire RME inventory, but when trying to create a custom report template that reports only the sup32s, I can't find anything resembling the sup32 type under either Chassis -> Chassis Vendor Type or Module -> Vendor Type, even if using the "contains" operator and filling in "sup32" or "wssup32ge3b". The fields do not seem to accept asterisk as wildcard character. Similar type of issue was in RME 3.5 too.


Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

If you can see something like 'wssup32ge3b' in teh 'Vendor Type' fieled in Detailed Device Report for Cat6500 devices the you should be able to create a rule with that.

As you did, use Module - Vendor Type - Contains 'sup32'.

That?s all. Do not use Wildcards- becaus it is just a string match that will be done. No wildcards no RegEx...


Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

Yeah, the fields don't accept * anyway. The problem is, the custom report then reports it finds nothing, whether the search is "contains" sup32 or wssup32ge3b.

Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

currently I have no access to an LMS with a sup32 ...

What happens if you use the'equals' operator ? In the drop down list something with sup32 should be listed.

you can add all types you want with the 'OR' association at the beginnig

(or is you type not even listed in the drop down list? )


Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

So far using "equals" yields the same result as "contains"--nothing found. Nothing resembling sup32 appears in the dropdowns in those options (Chassis or Module) I listed earlier, which is a mystery itself. FWIW, I don't see any sup22 in the dropdown list either, that I did see by reporting a Hardware Report. There're probably other module types not showing up in the dropdown list.

Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

how do you build your Hardware Report? If I do a Inventory - Hardware Report (for cat6000 and cat6500) I only get chassis information -nothing about installed modules of any kind.


Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

I'm using the out-of-the-box Hardware Report that shows a whole gamut of info:

Device Name Updated At System Description Location Contact Serial Number Vendor Type HW Version FW Version RAM Size (MB) NVRAM Size (KB) NVRAM Used (KB) Backplane Description Power Supply 1 Power Supply 2

Of course, there's also oddities like it breaks the cat6ks into many many "Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches" tables, often which only a single cat6k in each table, outside the two large tables grouped by CatOS and IOS.

Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

Ok that is the same as mine :-)

I asked that because I was wondering if you would get any Sup-Module related info from that report (like Vendor Type: wssup32ge3b) ..

but it seems to be not the fact.

Ok - assuming the Report engine has a Bug here I think this seems to be work for Joe but perhaps I have another way for you to get what you want...

as an alternative which I use sometimes if I do not get straightforward what I want to have I go the way through RME User defined groups.

There you also can build a group with 'Device-Modul.VendorType contains 'I did a quick try using 'sup7' as the string and got a listing of some devices.

Having this GROUP I can do any report provided through the the report generator

Perhaps, with this you can achive what you want...

Cisco Employee

Re: RME 4.0.x: Sup32 and custom report template

Most fields do accept the special value "Any" that means match any value. I don't have a Sup32GE-3b, so looking at a sample hardware report might be helpful.

That said, I recently filed an enhancement request for RME's custom inventory report feature such that all fields in the DDR should be made accessible via custom reports (CSCsj78780).

On top of that, we have seen problems with some objects missing from custom reports that used to be in RME 3.5 (e.g. GBIC serial numbers). Some of these were fixed in RME 4.1.

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