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RME 4.1.1 Netconfig job stuck in "Running"

I have run an NetConfig job against my entire environment and it is getting stuck in "Running". The results.txt file associated with the Work Order says:

Results for Job 2304 Job Message: Job Device download phase Running Job Start time: Mon Aug 31 13:46:09 EDT 2009 Job End Time Mon Aug 31 21:11 EDT 2009 *******Job Summary******* Deploy pending:5 Not attempted during deploy:0 Successfully deployed:3006 Failed during deploy:74 Successfully rollbacked:0 Failed during rollback:0 Not attempted during Rollback:0 Pre Job Execution Message: Post Job Execution Message:

I usually get every line item of the requested Netconfig job on every device in this file!

Any ideas where to start?(heeeelpppp)


Re: RME 4.1.1 Netconfig job stuck in "Running"

Absent the OS info, if you haven't patched for them, this could be due to CSCsv95235/CSCsw39641/CSCsw88378. TAC can provide a consolidated patch, with md5 checksum 326986eef9c9e46801a8623014ddd07e.

If LMS has been patched for the above bugs, it could be a number of Solaris 10 bugs. The problem is allegedly "fixed" in the latest Sol 10 patch cluster. Or alternatively, you can

edit /opt/CSCOpx/lib/jre/lib/security/, and change the line:



then restart dmgtd.

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Re: RME 4.1.1 Netconfig job stuck in "Running"

OS is Windows...

This was working fine the week before last and suddenly went belly up last week.

I will investigate the bugs you referenced.

Also it doesn't appear to have anything to do with the size of the job as I originally thought. Small jobs are getting stuck as well.

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