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RME - Baseline template examples


I was wondering if anyone was able to point me to, or post their own, examples of Baseline Templates.

I am particularly interested in more complex examples with good use of parameter files. I have noticed that the in-built help and user guides dont go into too much detail with more complex examples of parameter file templates and what it is actually possible to achieve.

Ideally I would like to use this feature heavily in the commissioning of new devices, that have been pre-loaded with a minimal config. Do parameter files allow for any built in logic for mathematical variations such as IP addresses / hostnames etc?


Cisco Employee

Re: RME - Baseline template examples

Assuming you're using LMS 2.6, there are some build-in template examples that make use of some of the advanced features. Generally, baseline templates are pretty environment-specific. What specific problems do you want to solve using this feature?

Parameter files don't allow you to do any complex scripting or programming of templates. They merely exist to allow you to fill in the bracketed values at deployment time. For example:

+ hostname [hostname]

Would allow you to create a parameter file that substituted [hostname] with the actual hostname value when the template is deployed down to a device.

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Re: RME - Baseline template examples

I'd like to deploy near-full configs for routers, switches and Wap's. Most lines within our config are standard across the stie, but things like access lists have site specific IP addresses.

I suppose another way would be to script the creation of these XML files and then import them into RME?

Another point was configuring wireless access points to talk to a Wireless Lan Controller. This requires one WAP at each site to have a type of "primary master" config, with another WAP as the "secondary master" config. I would have liked to automate this based on the hostname of the device. Eg if hostname = xxx01, then add these lines, else if hostname=xxx02 add the second set of lines, else add a third set of lines if it is another WAP hostname

Cisco Employee

Re: RME - Baseline template examples

Regarding your idea to script parameter files, this is certainly doable. When you are doing your deployments either through the GUI or the CLI you can pass those files to RME.

With a command like hostname, you can use the prerequisite feature that already exists in LMS 2.6 to build these "if-then-else" templates (more powerful sub-mode "if-then-else" support is coming in LMS 3.0). For example, you would create a template that has a prereq for:

hostname xxx01

Then specify the commands for it. However, with parameterized templates, this isn't really necessary. You could build one parameterized template for an entire device class, then build a parameter file to hold all the values for the various devices. For example:




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