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RME discovering non-existant IP address ! RME 3.5

My firewall admin tells me that CW is still trying to poll the old (no longer used) IP address of our ISP router. We changed ISP's last week and re-addressed the ethernet port in the 3600.

This is crazy, in RME, I configure discovery settings with a seed of our 6509. Perform a new discovery and sure enough, there it is, it's discovered the old IP address as a CDP neighbor of the 6509 (it is not)

I have even tried explicitly entering the IP under disvovery -> do not discover IP's in this range.

CiscoWorks is driving me crazy.

Yesterday I spend half the afternoon trying to get new code onto our 3550's.

In the end I can't even get IOS code to download from the CCO site to the CW library half the time.

I just gave up and did it myself using


What a joke.


Re: RME discovering non-existant IP address ! RME 3.5

Hi Darren,

obviously the IP Address is used in other CiscoWorks Applications.

Maybe there is a old configuration in DFM. Have a look into the Adminsitration Console!

If you can´t figure out the problem, install a sniffer tool and let´s see from which port the IP Address is triggered.

Then have a look into the Documentation so you con be sure which Server (better say: CiscoWorks App) is sendig this request.

A port list is here:

Have a try and i hope this gives you the right direction to search!

Best regards,


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Re: RME discovering non-existant IP address ! RME 3.5

Frankzehrer, thanks for your response. I performed the following and it fixed the problem.

In Windows:

1. net stop crmdmgtd

2. cd to c:\\Progra~1\CSCOpx\campus\bin\

3. perl - restore

4. net start crmdmgtd

Afterwards, you will have to rediscover the devices again by going to Server

Config>Setup>ANI Server Admin>Discovery Settings.

On the Filtering Criteria section, select the option "Do not discover devices in these

ranges". Type in the old IP address of the device that you don't want to see in CM.

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