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Role Based Cli Access


I am currently configuring Role Based Cli Access for our network device. I have defined two views; one is for superuser and the other is for helpdesk. For Helpdesk view, they should only have a limited command access on the configuration mode such as shutdown, no shut, of a particular interface. We have a stack switch with the available interfaces Gi1/0/1-48; Gi2/0/1-48; Gi3/0/1-48 up to Gi5/0/1-48. My problem is that if I use the command; commands configure include all interface, all the interface commands can be executed. When I specified the interface like, commands configure include interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1, I can restrict all the interface command except for the one that I have set. In my observation, I have to write all the Gig interface one by one to commands configure to restrict commands of the the Helpdesk view. My question is, how do I set or is there a wild card where I can specify all the interface with a restricted commands available. I have tried commands configure include interface GigabitEthernet * commands configure include interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/1-48 but it failed. Your help is very much appreciated.



George Oracion


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