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Routing multicast between vlans thru VRF's


Need a help / Suggestion on the VRF to route the multicast traffic between the vlans

The problem is something like this

We have a source residing on the Vlan X on the Catalyst 4503 and the clients will be on the Vlan Y on the 6509(on a VSS mode). As of now, clients from different Vlans on the 4503 will join the multicast group by sending the igmp joining massage (we have multicast routing and PIM configured on the vlan interfaces on the 4503). [ REFER ATTACHED DIAGRAM ]

Now the requirement is the client on the different Vlan on the 6509 should receive multicast OR join the multicast group on 4503

a) We have L3 connectivity between the 4503 <> 6509 (and a VSS configuration on 6509)

b) I was given understanding that through VRF-lite feature this can be achieved (without PIM configured), If the source & destination on the different switches is it ok to achieve it ?

c) What configuration is required to route the multicast traffic from 4503 to 6509 using the VRF-lite

d) Also, Please brief me about VRF-lite technology and let me know how different it is from VRF- MPLS & VPN

Please revert me if need any more information

Any inputs / suggestion in this regard is highly appreciated

Thank you in advance

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