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Routing Querries

Hello Freinds,

Would like to know the answers for following querries...pls.

1) What is Stuck Inactive in EIGRP. What is requirement for this ?

2) What is the purpose of "Distance" command in EIGRP. Please mention the command also ?

3) If there are 2 routing protocols(EIGRP & OSPF) running on single router. and we want to make OSPF as primary routing protocol to advertise routes. Then what is the command for making OSPF Administrative distance less the EIGRP Admin distance ?

4) What is the "CLSUTER" in BGP ?

5) Where is the "next-hop" command in BGP is used For . i.e for EBGP or IBGP. I think its for IBGP. pls confirm ?



Re: Routing Querries

I don't this this is the correct category but well...

1) SIA is when an EIGRP speaking router is quering other neighbors for a route that either timed out or was deleted from the topology table.

If the neighbor does not reply telling the router that asked about a particular route some info about it (either that it knows how to get there or not), the route will get stuck (SIA)

2) The distance command will modify the Administrative DIstance of the eigrp routes. By default is 90 for internal eigrp and 170 for external routes

3) router ospf 1

distance 89

4) cluster is a group of routers either in the same AS or sharing common polices or settings. This term is kinda general because there are so other things like confederations, route-reflectors and peer-groups

5) the next-hop is used by bgp to tell a neighbor who is the next-hop IP in order to get to a certain route.

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Re: Routing Querries

Hii Dear, Thanks a ton..!!! for replying.

But for point no. 5 , "next-hop" is used for ibgp or ebgp..?

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