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RV110W (firmware and bonjour

I run all apple devices - Mac Pro x1, Mac Mini x2, iPad x3.  Recently, during the last couple of Apple update cycles I have been noticing slowdowns on wired and wireless connections through the wireless router RV110W.  Desktop machines are largely unaffected, but the iPads generally suffer slow http access and cannot stream reliably.

An update to the latest firmware did not resolve problems.

The log files are filled with two types of entries.

"mDNSResponder: ERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 65002"

"mDNSResponder: ERROR: getOptRdata - unknown opt 4"

These messages seem to be related to bonjour.  I disabled Administration>Bonjour and this seems to help.  However, I want to continue using bonjour for the autoconfiguration capability.


Any recommendations?  Is this a bug on apple or cisco's side - or both?

New Member

Disabling Bonjour seems to

Disabling Bonjour seems to help, but occasional router restarts are still needed.  Using the iPads heavily does make the router less responsive.  Logging in to the router is slow and difficult when it needs restarting.

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Further investigation reveals

Further investigation reveals that the rv110w is behaving badly on the network.  This is after a few months of having the hardware work well together.  Substituting a new router (different manufacturer) made the network normal.

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