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RV320 problems with VPN, only ping is working

In my company we have two offices and they ware connected with two RV042 routers. In main company we replaced RV042 with RV320 and configured it  exactly like RV024 was configured.

Now we have problems with VPN. When we try to ping remote network it works and we have replay from servers and PCs that are in that other network. But when we try to load (for example) web page from server that is in that network we get "Server not found" error. The same thing is with all other services (FTP, File share, etc). We are trying this with IP addresses, we don't use domain name (it is left blank in router setup).

We tryed to disable all firewall rules (except default ones) and we put only ONE custom rule:
Action: ALLOW;
Service: All traffic (UDP&TCP);
Source interface: LAN;
Source IP: ANY;
Destination IP: ANY; 

But it doesn't help.
We try to add the same rule but with WAN1 interface, no luck...

We try to disable firewall but that didn't help...

What we can do now?

VPN was working fine with two RV042 on bouth sides.

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