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SA Agents and CAR MIBs.

Hi all,

I have the following two questions.

1. Upon rebooting a router do the created probes expire? Even the ones set to an unlimited lifetime.

2. Is there a description MIB for CAR mibs. So we can relate an entry in the ccarConfigTable to an actual string value like NRT, standard, bulk ?etc. because CAR uses rate limits and doesn?t have a friendly name like CBP/CBQoS. CBP/CBQoS can have descriptions like ?voice, video, standard, priority, bulk? so we can separate them out for Info Vista.


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Re: SA Agents and CAR MIBs.

1. Depends on how the operations are configured. If you used a tool like InfoVista or IPM to do the configuration via SNMP, then the operations may not appear in NVRAM. In that case, the operations will expire on reload, and will need to be reconfigured. IPM not only handles the automatic reconfiguration, but can also be made to commit the operations to NVRAM. I'm not sure if InfoVista has this capability.

2. There are no descriptive objects in the CAR-MIB. The only mappings you have are for ifIndex, direction, and rate limit type.

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