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SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab


sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but my CCNA lecturer doesn't have a clue about SDM and it's been a while since I installed it from scratch also!

I remember I had the same problem on my Cisco 857W at home but can't remember the solution for it as I deleted it along time ago to free up more flash space since I am completely IOS based.

The issue is this: the router is a 2801 running IOS 12.4(3) IP services image and the SDM version is 4.2 if I remember correctly.

Now I have used the MS Windows MSI setup utility after uncompressing the compressed Zip file and told it to install on the router after creating a local vty uname and passwd.

The transfer went smoothly and SDM now resides on flash memory.


username privilege 15 cisco password 0 cisco

ip http server

ip http authentication local

I enabled the web server to accept incoming requests with local uname passwd authentication.

Whenever I try to login though I get as far as the login prompt of which I am then taken to another window that says it is opening another window and a little hour glass rotates for a few seconds then subsequently stops and doesn't do any thing thereafter!

I seem to recall that with my home based 857 I had to install a jre.bin Java runtime file into flash.

Can anyone give me a hint of might be the issue as the PC has the latest version of Java runtime installed and obviously has a fully functional 802.3 network connection to the router.

The reason I need to check out SDM even though a really dislike it is because the CCNA exam requires it so I need to know my way around even though it gives confusing results and is way slow and limited compared with IOS. Infact just like the Windows GUI environment compared to UNIX :-)

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Re: SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab

Well, what I've noticed on the ASA ASDM (which uses Java too), the latest Java doesn't work after logging on. It just hangs and gives an error message about not being able to show the config on screen. I found that downgrading to Java Version 6 Update 7 resolved this issue. See if that helps any.

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Re: SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab

Many thanks for the response!! :-)

It's a bit of deja vue actually as I was just reading up on the ASA systems now in trying to figure out where in the chain between the LAN and WAN they fitted and stumbled across this:

which made things a bit clearer now...

I will try using an older version of Java when I get back to the lab on Monday and see if that helps some!

P.s. is SDM Express still downloadable free of charge as before or have Cisco changed their access policies on this stuff??

The reason why this just occurred to me is that I had a go at downloading the latest firmware for the ATM interface in my 857 and found that I didn't have any access rights??

I did the same with SDM Express too when I first got my router as I managed to wipe it all off from flash: dir but then we're talking a few years back now.

In the past it used to be on the Cisco ftp site under public folder but that site seems to be offline now or least the last time I checked.

Have you got any thoughts or comments on this?


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Re: SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab

I think the SDM and SDM express can be downloaded through logging with your CCO login. I dont know if the SDM express is available as "free" when logging in or if you actually need a SMARTnet contract added to your account.

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Re: SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab

Thanks for the prompt reply!

I have the most basic Cisco account that there is which really only lets me post on this forum and allows me to see what updates of IOS images are available etc but that's it.

As I am currently a home user so I have to do everything the hard way which was a complete shell shock in the beginning when I had no idea about Cisco or IOS config but yet needed the router as every other consumer router I tried crashed on me every 10 minutes and then in worst case scenarios where even rendered inoperable.

Thankfully now I'm planning to go Pro so hence the CCNA for now and later CCNP.

Anyway my initial Cisco days where a bit embarrassing so I don't want to go over them again :-) to much considering the company I'm in on this forum!

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Re: SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab

Welcome to the boards and I'm pretty sure everyone here on the boards will be glad to help in your progression.


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Re: SDM stops after login on 2801 router in CCNA lab

Many thanks Jerome :-)

I've been around at least on the WAN and switching parts for a bit, since I had no knowledge of anything Cisco or network related when I first started with my 857 and rather naively I assumed that SDM would do everything I wanted.

But still my inexperience at the Pro field still leaves me with too many black holes so to speak but nonetheless if I don't get something I will attempt to ask. That can't be helped though so hopefully in a few years once I am more up to speed with industry practices people may take my questions more seriously and offer more help. Provided of course that I'm not making newbee mistakes of confusing terms and technologies.

Well anyway...

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