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Seeing high jitter low latency between call paths

We use SolarWinds to monitor our network for the most part. On our monitor between a few routers we see very high jitter rates but with low latency. 

I'm fairly new to Cisco - so I am not really sure where to begin to look within the routers for what could be happening. 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Cisco Employee

Jitter means inter-packet

Jitter means inter-packet delay variance. When multiple packets are sent consecutively from a source to a destination, for example, 10 ms apart, and if the network is behaving ideally, the destination should receive the packets 10 ms apart. But if there are delays in the network (like queuing, arriving through alternate routes, and so on) the arrival delay between packets might be greater than or less than 10 ms. Using this example, a positive jitter value indicates that packets arrived greater than 10 ms apart. If packets arrive 12 ms apart, then positive jitter is 2 ms; if packets arrive 8 ms apart, negative jitter is 2 ms. For delay-sensitive networks like VoIP, positive jitter values are undesirable, and a jitter value of 0 is ideal.

You should probable check the route path's and qos for this voip traffic to find cause behind delays. It may be sometime an asymmetric routing which may cause high jitter.

Also, you should share how Solarwinds collect this data. What operations are configured on the device itself. Share those device configurations and statistics.



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Hello Vinod!  Thank you so

Hello Vinod! 


Thank you so much for your assistance. 

I am attaching more information for review, please let me know if this helps!

Thank you!

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