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Setting up Netflow on 6509

I am trying to setup Netflow to identify a problem I am having with a video conferencing system.  Here are the commands that I have entered into the 6509 I am working on.  I have checked this against another 6509 I have and these match.  Not able to get netflow to show up on the solarwinds server.  I have configured it to accept the netflow source coming from the 6509 I am working on.

ip flow-export version 9

ip flow-export destination 2055

ip flow-export sourc vlan 254

mls netflow

mls flow ip interface-full

ip flow-cache timeout active 1

mls ip multicast flow-stat-timer 9

mls nde sender version 5

Using the sh mls netflow ip, I can see netflow data on the 6509 but it doesnt seem to be sending anything to the solarwinds server.  By when I do a sh mls nde, I dont see any packets exporting -

Netflow Data Export enabled

Exporting flows to (2055)

Exporting flows from (50586)

Version: 9

Layer2 flow creation is disabled

Layer2 flow export is disabled

Include Filter not configured

Exclude Filter not configured

Total Netflow Data Export Packets are:

    0 packets, 0 no packets, 0 records

Any suggestions for what I am missing ?



Setting up Netflow on 6509

What do "show ip flow export" and "show ip cache flow" return?

Community Member

Setting up Netflow on 6509

I got output from both of the commands (thanks for those) and I now see I have output.  Looks like I didnt wait long enough for Solarwinds to acknowledge the output .

This has led me to another problem - if I am interperting things correctly, I can only get Netflow off of a layer 3 interface (i.e. a vlan or interface that is routed.  I can see Netflow on my vlan interfaces but not from an switchport interface that has a switchport access vlan x statement on it.  Am I correct on that ?



Re: Setting up Netflow on 6509

Great to hear it's actually working. As far as the L2 flows, one could enable/export them selectively as described in the following doc:

ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan

!--- Enables NetFlow for Layer 2-switched traffic on the PFC.

!--- It also enables the NDE for Layer 2-switched traffic on the PFC.

ip flow export layer2-switched vlan

!--- Enabling ip flow ingress as in the Enable NetFlow Section

!--- automatically enables ip flow export.

!--- If you disabled ip flow export earlier, you can enable it as mentioned.

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