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Shutting multiple ports with CM or RME?

Does anyone know if there is any "hidden" way that I could use to shutdown multiple ports on multiple switches.. criteria below:

1) Multiple switches (multiple models)

2) switchports in no particular order are down(eg. some switches ports 3,4,5, 9, 22, and another switch 2, 7, 9 etc)

3) CW should identify which ports are down (this I know it can do)

4) I want to run a job and disable all my unused ports automatically i.e. not going to individual switches and giving indi. commands to do so.

If anyone knows of any way or any other trick/solution ...all ideas welcome.


Cisco Employee

Re: Shutting multiple ports with CM or RME?

You could try a netconfig job to shut down these ports. You could create an AhHoc template with the commands you want to run on your devices. The only challenge might be that if the commands are different on each device, you would need to run a different job for each device. Still much easier than CLI.

You could also use CiscoView to shut down ports via the GUI one by one

New Member

Re: Shutting multiple ports with CM or RME?

thanks davis... but that does not solve my issue. What you suggest is similar to going to "each" switch individually. as I mentioned my switches have different ports that are "down", so I cannot create an adhoc template to shut many switches at one time. I have to do it manually to each switch.

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