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Slave DCR out of sync with Master DCR in DFM


We have a mater LMS  server and three slave server. I always see this problem on one of the slave server. DFM DCR list is always out of sync with master DCR in this server. The RME on the same server is perfectly in sync with the DCR.

In DCR under Device Management---> Device Import--> Auto allocation--> I enable automode and select manage by groups and then in the groups I select a specific group. When I click apply after this a blank "Auto Allocation Settings Summary" window appears for a second and disappears.

We had a similar problem earlier so we reinitalized the database and upgraded the DFM from v3.1 to v3.1.3. After that we recycled both slave and master server. At that time we were able to see the list getting populated on slave DFM. But from yesterday I see that DCR on DFM is not syncing with master DCR at all.

I saw in cisco support forum to make sure we have updated and same MDF on both master and slave common services. So I have also updated MDF version on both master and slave Common services to 1.46 still they are not syncing.

I checked DCR logs file , its not been updated with any logs since 16of this month.

I am not sure what else to do. Please suggest!!



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Cisco Employee

Re: Slave DCR out of sync with Master DCR in DFM

What do you mean by "out of sync?"  Are you missing devices in DFM which are managed by RME on the same slave server?  You mention you are managing by group in DFM.  Are you managing the same group in RME?

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Re: Slave DCR out of sync with Master DCR in DFM

Yes you are right, I see only 588 in DFM where else in RME it is 627 on the same slave server. yes it is the same group on both DFM and RME.

I was going through some past discussion happened in this forum for the same kind of issue and found that the syncing issue can be solved by making the slave server has standalone and again make it a slave server.  Actually this also dint helped much.

As soon as I made the slave server as standalone and made it slave, RME learned other devices other than what filter I was trying to apply. Then I fixed that by deleting other unwanted devices from the list in RME.

But in DFM I was able to see the learning count getting populated, but in few minutes everything went into pending state. So I again made the server as standalone and made it as slave. This time I gave some time and imported the list on both RME and DFM. In RME it was the same problem, I did the same deleted the unwanted devices. In DFM it had 588 devices in learning state and not even one device was going to know state. Then we disabled the Auto allocation -(option to sync master DCR and Slave DCR automatically based upon group filters). After doing this the devices started moving to Known state slowly.

Then I was looking into devices which weren't learned in DFM, one thing I found was that few devices were not configured with ACS to which the ciscoworks was communicated. After adding the ACS detail on one of the device and tried to import manually on DFM it worked.

But now I am not able sync the list with Auto allocation in DFM. I dont want to recylce the server or dont want to make it standalone and then make it a slave, because I afraid doing any of the above could create some problem in RME.

It would be great if somebody could help me with this case.


Cisco Employee

Re: Slave DCR out of sync with Master DCR in DFM

What happens when you set the allocation mode to automatic in DFM?  Are you getting an error?

New Member

Re: Slave DCR out of sync with Master DCR in DFM


I dont see any error page. This is how i do it, I go into

DFM-->Device Management-->Device Import-->Auto allocation

Then I check Enable Auto Mode, then I select Managed by Groups and then I select the group. After this I click apply, but as soon as I click apply I the auto summary window pops as a blank one and gets disappeared in seconds. Also If I click device not matching the policy I get an error window saying " No Groups are defined as allocation policy" , but when auto allocation works properly I could see an message that " No devices there not maching the policy" something like that. I have attached the screenshot of both.

On top of this I also see no devices under Discrepancy and Best deviation report. I tried starting the Data collection, but it also dint worked. I have attached the screenshot of both campus manager and DFM home page.

Please suggest