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Small Office Design

Please suggest me a network design , for my new office contaning 10 users to start with. I want redudency , like HSRP or fail over . A firewall or a ISR route and a L3 switch . Please provide me options.

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Re: Small Office Design

How big is your WAN link?

For 10 users I'd use the router's functionality as a firewall.  The model of the router will depend entirely on the BW of your WAN link.  Redundant L3 switch would mean that you have the 3750/3750E/3750X.  Frankly, I'd prefer the 3750X.  You may want to consider using WLAN and PoE on the switch as well.

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Re: Small Office Design

Thanks Leo;

I have a 10 MB WAN Link for internet 2 MB link for interoffice connectivty with 2 additional sites & have to make 3 site to site VPN with Remote Access. Also want to deploy redudency , so if one device fails other comes up. I have 10 internal users & two servers which i want to deploy over global IP with port restriction.

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Re: Small Office Design

10mb BW would make the 1800 series a good start.  If I was to future-proof, 2811/2821 would be my choice.  During your quoting process, don't skimp on the DRAM options.  It's worthwhile to max the DRAM of the model of your choice.  Don't worry about the CF either.  You can get `em cheap elsewhere (max 2Gb).

As to swithces, I'd go for the 3750/3750E/3750X family for redundancy.  Factor in PoE if you have funds to move.

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