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Does anyone use smartports? They look like a great idea. When I do searches for smartports all I find is people saying how to configure them, but no opinions as to it they use them or not. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this feature.

I have a network with 70 routers and switches.

Thank You

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Re: Smartports

Well, as far as I can see these are just basic ios command put in a macro, so your smartports are as great as the ios commands you put in....

I think I only used marcos on CatOS. I don't think cisco marketing machine was aware of these commands then :-)



Re: Smartports

I think it could be a good idea if you have a few standard configurations that could be applied to interfaces. Like the interface could be used as an en-host port, a voice port or a server port - and if you want to enable e.g staff to change the 'function' of one of these ports with an easy one-liner; but it could also be work to have the macro available on every switch where they are needed - on the other hand they can be deployed with a net-config job and verified with baseline templates; so there are several pro's and con'sdepending on the kind of network, the number of changes and who is doing a change - which should be all considered before introducing them.

BTW, I only know of one customer who used it in the past...

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