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SMB/SFTP/FTP/SCP Access to PI 2.X?

Does anyone know if we can use SMB/SFTP/FTP/SCP directly to our PI 2.X server?  We used to copy the stored configs on LMS 4.2.2 (Windows) using SMB for DR/Backup purposes - trying to duplicate this process now that we are on the linux build....and tips tricks would be handy here....Chad

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Unfortunately there's not at

Unfortunately there's not at this time an equivalent in Prime Infrastructure to the shadow directory that Prime LMS provides to have a text file copy of device configurations.

You can launch an ftp client from the the Linux shell under PI but I don't think you can use it as an ftp server. You can also set PI to backup its entire configuration periodically via ftp.

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Thank you Marvin for

Thank you Marvin for responding. Do you happen to know what directory the files are stored in?  Do you think it would be possible to "push" them using the FTP client on the PI server, and perhaps schedule that?

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The configurations are not

The configurations are not stored as individual files - they are part of the Oracle 11i database that's under the covers of PI.

You may be able to use the REST API to retrieve them textually. I don't have a PI handy at the moment but the APIs are documented on the server itself (not via a separately published document). See the Help menu (Prime Infrastructure REST API).

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That answers my question as

That answers my question as well, at least to a point.

I had been hoping for similar functionality, since PI does allow you to save text copies of wireless controller configs to a repo, but I didn't see the same options available for wired devices.

I'm trying currently do a few things I in the past did with basic Linux tools -- like finding configs that have a certain community string or option configured. Is there any reasonable way to search the configurations in PI for a string?

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