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SNMP mib/oid for PRI utilization in callmanager

I'm looking for a mib (more specifically the actual oid) that will give me an active ds0 count on an mgcp pri connected to callmanager (in both ISR's and CMM's). I've done extensive searching on both netpro and google and everytime this question is asked I see the same 4 mibs given as answers:





Problem with those mibs is the first (ISDN-MIB) has no actual realtime data when the l3 is backhauled to CCM (all ds0's report idle even when active) and the problem with the others is two fold...1st there is no single counter that will return total calls active, you have to retrieve each active call separately and then add up the total rows returned...2nd is that when you have devices with multiple PRI's there is no way to get information for an individual interface. The results returned represent data for the entire device and is not broken down on per interface basis.

I guess at the root, I'm looking for a way to get the same information that the RTMT tool gets in it's perfmon counters for calls active on a per interface basis via SNMP. I think to this point people have been focused on collecting that information from the endpoint whereas I believe the solution will involve querrying the CCM server the gateways are registered to.

I could be completely off my rocker but if anyone has any insight into this or an idea of a way this information could be aquired i would greatly appreciate it.



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Re: SNMP mib/oid for PRI utilization in callmanager

Little more info...I found the following OID in the CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB:

This seems to work for getting the active calls on the ISR routers, but returns a 0 value for all interfaces on the CMMs.

Still looking for the CMM OID equivalent to in the ISRs

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