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SNMP OID for retrieving PVST statistics

I have been trying to search for the correct SNMP OId / MIB to retrieve pvst statistics.

Specifically, I would like to be able to poll for the topology change counter for PVST for a particular VLAN.


Does such a MIB / OID exist?

Can someone point me in the correct direction?


Many thanks

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For PVST details you have to

For PVST details you have to follow CISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB for PVST details and BRIDGE-MIB for PVST topology chnages.

Such as OID to see if PVST is enabled or not :

Values1 : enabled
2 : disabled
3 : notApplicable
MIBCISCO-STP-EXTENSIONS-MIB ;   -   View Supporting Images this link will generate a new window
Description"Indicates whether Spanning Tree PVST+ 
Protocol is enabled for this Virtual LAN. If 
Spanning Tree PVST+ Protocol is not supported 
on this VLAN, then notApplicable(3) will be 
returned while retrieving the object value for 
this VLAN.

If the device only supports a single global
Spanning Tree PVST+ Protocol enable/disable 
for all the existing VLANs, then the object 
value assigned to this VLAN will be applied
to the object values of all the instances
in this table which do not have the value
of notApplicable(3).

If the value of stpxSpanningTreeType is neither 
pvstPlus(1) nor rapidPvstPlus(5), then the value 
of stpxPVSTVlanEnable for this VLAN can not be 


For Topology details, you have to see following :

 dot1dStpTimeSinceTopologyChange OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX      TimeTicks
       UNITS       "centi-seconds"
       MAX-ACCESS  read-only
       STATUS      current
       DESCRIPTION           "The time (in hundredths of a second) since the
           last time a topology change was detected by the
           bridge entity.
           For RSTP, this reports the time since the tcWhile
           timer for any port on this Bridge was nonzero.
           "IEEE 802.1D-1998 clause,
           IEEE 802.1w clause"

       ::= { dot1dStp 3 }

   dot1dStpTopChanges OBJECT-TYPE
       SYNTAX      Counter32
       MAX-ACCESS  read-only
       STATUS      current
       DESCRIPTION           "The total number of topology changes detected by
           this bridge since the management entity was last
           reset or initialized.

Moreover you can enable STP traps for topology change :

snmp-server enable traps bridge topologychange

Please check.



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Hello, Thank you for your



Thank you for your answer.


Regarding "dot1dStpTopChanges", I want to look for topology changes for a specific VLAN, for example VLAN 300.


For me "dot1dStpTopChanges" looks like what I need when I am not running per vlan spanning tree, or it will give me the number of topology changes for all VLANs.


Unless there is a Cisco prpprieary way to send the VLAN to dot1dStpTopChanges to get the VLAN specific value, then this is not going to give me what I am after.

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Hello Vinod, I did soome

Hello Vinod,


I did soome mogre "googling" on this and you can use the standard mib per VLAN ... atleast on Cisco ... using "community string indexing":

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