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SNMP Polling problems on GRE Tunnel

I am a performance Manager for a Large Network and we retrieve Performance Data Via SNMP. A customer found that one device was not recieving Data for one of the GRE tunnels. All other Interfaces on the Device were being Polled and collected on (Via SNMP) Except for the One Tunnel. The Network is monitored by HPOV and as a test we deleted the interface from the OV Maps And ran an SNMP Discovery and the interface was discovered. We also ran a MIB Walker from a server unrelated to the HPOV and we were unable to walk to that Tunnel Interface. We are able to Ping, trace route, and Telnet to the Tunnel IP address and were able to log into the router. Why are we not able to get SNMP Data on the tunnel interface and able to get Data on all other Interfaces? (Tunnel, Fast Ethernet, Serial..Ect...)


Re: SNMP Polling problems on GRE Tunnel

Keepalive packets are GRE IP packets. If so it is possible that they will be dropped somewhere between the GRE tunnel endpoints. I think there may be problem on your tunnel. So ensure that.

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