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snmp trap TTY ???


I do not understand what does it mean this trap : "tty—Sends Cisco enterprise-specific notifications when a TCP connection closes"

When i enable this trap, i received some thousands of syslog :

"20060303 133708 SNMP Trap(tcpConnectionClose) tslineSesType.194.1=5 tcpConnState. loctcpConnElapsed. loctcpConnInBytes. loctcpConnOutBytes. tsLineUser.194 Addr: Int:6 Int:1 Tick:"179 days 22:46:24"

I do not see in which case is it interesting to get this syslog ?

Someone could help me ?




Re: snmp trap TTY ???

This is the definition of this SNMP trap (not syslog):

tcpConnectionClose OBJECT-TYPE TRAP

VARBINDS { tslineSesType, tcpConnState, loctcpConnElapsed, loctcpConnInBytes, loctcpConnOutBytes, tsLineUser }

DESCRIPTION "A tty trap signifies that a TCP connection, previously established with the sending protocol entity for the purposes of a tty session, has been terminated."

You may get a description of each of the varbinds by entering them in the SNMP Object Navigator:

If you are not interested in this information, then disable the trap.

New Member

Re: snmp trap TTY ???

Thx Nhabib,

but i do not understand, what does it mean "the sending protocol entity for the purposes of a tty session" : what is a "protcol entity" ?

Is-it telnet connection (= tty session) to the router (for configuration ) ? or telnet connection which go throught the router ? why does my customer get 10 tty trap/minutes ?

Thx in advance.


New Member

Re: snmp trap TTY ???

I have activated snmp tty traps but when I try a

ssh connection it does't generate snmp traps...

as I understand ssh generates a tcp connection as telnet does.

But when I start a telnet session it works all rigth...

What could be happen??

I am working with a cat 3560 with secure version IOS...


Cisco Employee

Re: snmp trap TTY ???

This is a known bug that tcpConnectionClose traps are not sent for SSH sessions. See CSCsg99865. Currently, this occurs because the OLD-CISCO-TS-MIB does not support SSH sessions. Specifically, the tslineSesType does not have an ssh type. There is currently no ETA on when this will be supported. Since the OLD-CISCO-TS-MIB is deprecated, this may not ever happen. However, there is a CISCO-SECURE-SHELL-MIB that can be used to manage SSH sessions. Support for this MIB depends on the exact IOS image running on your device.

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