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snmp traps on mac movement :: not working


I entered the command

snmp-server enable traps mac-notification move

on my OSR routers, but the router is not sending traps to SNMP server. Though i can see the logs of mac movement in router's log.

Any idea.



Re: snmp traps on mac movement :: not working

you also need to enter this global configuration command:

mac address-table notification mac-move

and be aware that notifications are only send when MAC movement occures in the same vlan:

... enable traps whenever a MAC address is moved from one port to another in the same VLAN ...


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Re: snmp traps on mac movement :: not working

Yes...the global command is there...i forgot to mention.

Well, the logs are observed on router in case of movement of mac addresses on any vlan, but are not sending to NMS.

How can we enable the traps in different vlan in case if this is the limitation.


Re: snmp traps on mac movement :: not working

Sorry, but to mention every possible cause, you need also this command in your global config:

snmp-server host x.x.x.x mac-notification

with x.x.x.x being the IP of your NMS server

and being the community that should be send with the trap

If you have this command in your config, please post the output of

show mac address-table notification mac-move

to track every MAC change activity on the switch you can enable the mac-notification change traps instead. These are the necessary commands:

Global commands:


mac address-table notification change

mac address-table notification change interval 15

snmp-server host x.x.x.x mac-notification

snmp-server enable traps mac-notification change

("interval 15" means sending the traps in a bulk every 15 sec - this is a valid option for mac-move as well)

Per-interface commands (for each interface you want to track the changes)


snmp trap mac-notification change added

snmp trap mac-notification change removed

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Re: snmp traps on mac movement :: not working

Hi mermel,

snmp-server host x.x.x.x

is in global config, then what is the purpose of sub-command with mac-notification?

Further, there is no command with 'change' support in IOS but move which is in place. Also there is not per-interface command of snmp trap for mac-notification, & it is in global config.

Output of 'show mac address-table notification mac-move' is:

MAC Move Notification: enabled

I think all config is there in the router, and the logs of mac movement are appearing in router logs, but are not sending to NMS.

Awaiting your valuable feedback.


Re: snmp traps on mac movement :: not working

can you please post a "show version" of your device?

How do you determine that the traps are not sent?

What do you have as a trap receiver?

Can you enable "debug snmp packets", force a mac-move and see if the device is sending the trap.

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