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SNMP update time

I am monitoring a Cisco 877 using SNMP to get real time data throughput on the dialer interface.

It seems that mib data at . ( is only updated after about 10 seconds or longer. In the previous router (a Cisco 837) this mib was updated at least every second, so it was possible to graph real time throughput.

Is there an IOS configuration setting that can configure the mib update interval ?


Re: SNMP update time

The IOS does not update the counter real time, its core function is routing and the counter updates are scheduled every 10 seconds.

You can try this hidden command but there are no guarentees.

snmp-server hc poll

This will presumably change the update rate.

New Member

Re: SNMP update time

this is very surprising to me... I thought the counters are updated immediately for accurate statistics. However, my 3750 and 3550s appear to update every 1 second. They have various versions of IOS. But my 7206vxrs do appear to update much quicker. many rapid snmpgets yield all different results.

no hidden, or otherwise, settings were enabled for these router/switches.

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Re: SNMP update time

tried the "snmp-server hc poll " command, but the result is unchanged.

i did a test downloading a 120Mb file form my ISP - the download rate was approx 1Mb/sec - the snmp counter only updated about every 30Mb of data (so about every 30 seconds) - it looks like the updates might be delayed longer under router load. During the download test, the processor was 46% utilized and the memory load was 23% (according to Cisco SDM monitor)

I find it pretty dissapointing that the 877 exhibits this 10 second or longer behavior when the humble 837 that it replaced could handle 1 second updates.

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