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software deployment with Prime 2.0



I need to deploy new IOS  on several switch 3850 (Version 3.2.2 to new version 3.3.2)  with Prime 2.0.

I have 2 pb:


1: When I upgrade a 3850, Prime copy the new soft in flash (The job is successfulll)  but it doesn't reload the switch after the copy . Allthough, I changed the default options in Administration > System > Image Management. (Reload after upgrade = checked), and I also tried to add in the switch-config the command  "snmp-server system shutdown"


2: When I distribute IOS on 3850, it doesn't show me  all the Switch3850.

If I cheched  the line "show all devices"  I have the message "Image verification failed for some of the selected devices. You cannot proceed with distribution for those devices".

Allthoug , all my switches 3850 are archived, and are inventored.

And there is no difference between Running and Startup-config.


Could someone help me .


Michel Misonne





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Precision about pointt2:

Precision about pointt2: "When I distribute IOS on 3850, it doesn't show me all the Switch3850."

The switch 3850 configured with cli command "snmp-server location  XXX" doesn't appear in the distribute list. To be elligible for upgrade , the switch (3850) should NOT be configured with the command "snmp-server location xxxx".

Probably a bug with Prime or with SW3850.

Michel Misonne

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