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Source not responding LMS IPM


When I launch an ipm job, it says source not responding like you can see in my screenshot. I have checked the IOS version and the snmp and ssh credentials are well configured. I have also made a show ipa sla application but I am not familiarised with this protocol. My devices are Cisco 7206 and 2811 routers.

Could you please help me resolving my problem or at least link me a tutorial to configure lms and my IOS to permit IPM jobs.

Cisco Employee

Re: Source not responding LMS IPM

IPM will use the SNMP read-only community string configured in DCR to collect data from the source device.  In order to deploy changes, you must ha

ve a read-write community string configured on the device and in DCR (or have proper SNMPv3 read-write credentials).  Double-check, and make sure all SNMP credentials are correct in DCR.

If they are, and the problem still exists, start a sniffer trace filtering on udp/161 traffic between the LMS server and one of these source routers.  Then restart the IPMProcess with the commands:

pdterm IPMProcess

pdexec IPMProcess

Wait a few minutes, and you should have some packets.  They should illustrate why IPM cannot communicate with the source.

Community Member

Re: Source not responding LMS IPM

Does that means that I need to enable RW community to schedule the jobs, but after they are configured I can disable RW community and only enable the RO community ?

Thanks for your first answer, thought.

Cisco Employee

Re: Source not responding LMS IPM

No, you will still need the read-write capability for IPM to do reconfiguration of the collectors should the device reboot.

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