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New Member

spantree events

Logging level is informational.

Under port config i have set "logging event status and spantree". I can see device logging message %SPANTREE-6-PORT_STATE but in syslog.log there are not any spantree messages. Those are only messages which dont shown up to the syslog.log. Any idea why.


Cisco Employee

Re: spantree events

Can you confirm that the devices are actually sending the spantree messages? Perhaps from a debug snmp packet or a packet capture on the server?

If its missing from the syslog.log them most likely its a device issue where its either not sending these messages or not configured to do so properly.

New Member

Re: spantree events


I can see that spantree syslogs appears devices syslog but those syslogs dont shown up to syslog.log.

All others syslogs comes to syslog.log. If i look syslog.log i cant see any informational level syslogs.(severity 6) Those spantree log events are severity 6 events. ( %SPANTREE-6-PORT_STATE)

Any idea.



Re: spantree events

Did you check if your syslog.conf on the syslog server was configured to log informational messages to syslog.log?


Re: spantree events

Where is the syslog.conf? Only on Solaris I suppose?

Is there anything configurable for the syslog on windows?



Re: spantree events

It's /etc/syslog.conf on Solaris.

It appears to be a Registry setting on Windows. Does not seem as fine-tunable as on Solaris, but is also unlikely to cause the original problem as CiscoWorks installed and configured this syslog service.

On a Windows System, the location is defined in the registry [ which can be viewed from regedit]:


LogFile = "CSCOpx\log\syslog.log"

New Member

Re: spantree events


I can found registry settings but icant see any parameter which can tune the level for syslog.log.

Is that registry place where i should be able to tune

syslog.log log level.

I check again the the syslog.log and i found log level 6 syslogs(%SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE) Now I am wondering why those spantree level 6 syslogs dont come to syslog.log.(%SPANTREE-6-PORT_STATE:)

All log settings looks fine for me

Console logging: level informational, 816 messages logged

Monitor logging: level informational, 0 messages logged

Buffer logging: level informational, 281 messages logged

Exception Logging: size (4096 bytes)

Count and timestamp logging messages: disabled

File logging: disabled

Trap logging: level informational, 320 message lines logged

Logging to 10.x.x.x, 320 message lines logged




Re: spantree events

Now I'm inclined to believe it's the switch's config. I think the following snippet should log both sys-6 and spantree-6 messages to a syslog server:

set logging level spantree 6 default

set logging level sys 6 default

set logging server facility LOCAL7

set logging server severity 6

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