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specific OID for switch trunk ports -

Is there a specific OID value for trunk port Up/Down messages or an OID range of trunk port messages coming from Cisco switches?

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Re: specific OID for switch trunk ports -

Hey Rob,

This is a good question. I have found OID's interfaces, and for port channels, but none for trunks specifically. I don't know if Cisco differentiates between access or trunk ports. You may have to use something like portDot1qTunnel (cisco-vtp-mib; to get the operating mode of the port, and the use the OID for ifOperStatus (IF-MIB; to get the status. Kind of cumbersome isn't it? I'll be watching to see if there is a better way.


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Re: specific OID for switch trunk ports -

The only way I can think of now is to use Netconfig and go to every switch and do a show interface status or a show port status and identify trunks ports and non-trunks ports. With that list I'll have to go through all switches and disable logging and snmp traps on ports that are not trunk ports. Problems with this approach are the shear number of switches (over 8000) and all new switches that are brought up on the network will have to have snmp and logging turned off on every port that's not a trunk with the ‘no logging event link-status’, ‘no snmp trap link-status’ or ‘set port trap disable’.

NerveCenter is the SNMP mgmt platform used here. One would think this could be done a little more automatically through this tool.

How are you monitoring trunk ports on switches?

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Re: specific OID for switch trunk ports -

I use DFM 1.2 (LMS 2.2). It identifies port types (access or trunk) for me and puts them into their respective groups for monitoring performance and fault mamangement. For fault management DFM automatically assumes all fiber ports are trunks, but will not do them same for copper ports configured as trunks. These need to be manually added to be managed. The fiber ports are automatilcally managed. DFM 1.2 is solid. DFM 2.0, in LMS 2.5, has it's challenges. I'm only monitoring 100+ 6k chassis' at this point.

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