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Specific OID question -

What is the specific OID for a Cisco 3660 rtr?

I see how to get the value when I snmpget system.sysOjbectID.0 but don't know what that translates to. Can someone help me out?

johnsonr@nmscrme01 > snmpget public system.sysObjectID.0

system.sysObjectID.0 = OID: enterprises.9.1.205

johnsonr@nmscrme01 >

I would think it is . but when I try to snmpget that specific OID, nothing comes back so I'm doing something wrong.

Cisco Employee

Re: Specific OID question -

Walking the sysObjectID is the correct way to get the value. You would then use the snmp translate tool to get the text value:

OID = cisco3660

Community Member

Re: Specific OID question -

OK. When I snmpget public system.sysOjbectID.0 - it returns enterprises.9.1.205 - again this is a 3660 rtr.

I then put this into the oject translator and it returns -

My question is: why can I NOT do an snmpget on that specific OID of -

When I do it, I get:

johnsonr@nmscrme01 > snmpget public

Error in packet

Reason: (noSuchName) There is no such variable name in this MIB.

Failed object: system.sysUpTime.

johnsonr@nmscrme01 >

I though I knew this stuff so thnks for helping me understand.

Cisco Employee

Re: Specific OID question -

.205 is the value returned, it is not an object that can be queried specifically.

It would be like querying ifInOctets and then doing an snmpget for ifInOctets.1.1008973 (1008973 being the returned value)

.205 is not an index, it is a value returned based upon the CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB

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