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splitting and migrating LMS

Due to growth of the network, I need to split a single LMS 3.2 server into two seperate machines (master-slave).

I've prepared two new (virtualized) window servers. installed a clean LMS 3.2 server1 (RME, CM) server 2 (DFM, IPM and HUM)

I've restored the previous backup on the new server1 (it says that application doesn't match but I continued restore CS, RME, CM)

I've restored the previous backup on the new server2 (same message, but I continued restore DFM, IPM and HUM)

Everything seems to work fine, except:

(my next step is to setup the master-slave, currently two  standalone-servers)


compliancy management ->  when I try to open a template, the following error occurs:

Problem with File  /WEB-INF/screens/config/dcma/BaseLine/BaseLineViewer.jsp!!!nul


It won't let me to run the perl script, old-hostname doesn't match the old-hostname

These are the only issues that I've seen for now... my question. Is this a supported procedure, if not, what's the best practice for splitting a server into multiple server i.e. a master/slave(s) setup.

thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: splitting and migrating LMS

Problem  with File   /WEB-INF/screens/config/dcma/BaseLine/BaseLineViewer.jsp!!!nul

In the meantime I discovered that for the baseline templates that I have restored, the "Device Type" is missing.

When I add a new one, it works fine. So I can reproduce this error.

Question, how can I restore the "Device Types" in the baseline templates, for some reason this information is lost and causes this error

(I can't edit them via the GUI, so the solution should be editing some file(s) on the file system)

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