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ssh: authorized keys on ios router possible ?

Hi there,

I am trying to convert some "automatic telnet login" script into ssh and I find no way to give the pw to the ssh session.

All docus approve to use the "authorized key" mechanism to login automatically on the remote host.

It's possible to deposit the authorized key on an IOS device, to login via ssh without a password ?

If it's not possible: any other ideas ?

thx in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: ssh: authorized keys on ios router possible ?

It was decided not to add authorized key support to IOS devices, and I have not heard of any change to this decision.

As for automating login, some SSH/telnet clients have support for doing this by using screen scraping. I don't know what language you're using for your script, but both Perl and Expect have APIs for interacting with the CLI to automate logins using both telnet and SSH.

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