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SSH management on Outside interface

I have a pix running 7.0.1 and I have configured ssh access on inside and outside interface. I have all of the settings the same on the interfaces.

If I connect it to the inside network I can connect via ssh, http or ASDM. When I connect it to the Outside I can only access it using HTTPS and the java ASDM applet. I can not connect ssh or ASDM client. and I do not get a ping response.

ssh is not disabled on corporate firewall because we cann ssh to other sites and ping sites like

I am trying to set this up so that I can ship it to a remote DR site and need to be able to manage across the Internet.

Thanks for any help.



Re: SSH management on Outside interface

Cisco recommends that the outside tunnel endpoint interface and the management interface for that device should be configured on the same interface. The outside tunnel endpoint can be the public (outside) interface or the loopback interface on the CPE device.

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Re: SSH management on Outside interface

I was trying to do the same thing and couldnt get it to work. I found out that I cant see where to have a local ca server so I reverted back to the CLI. You have to input ca generate rsa key 1024 and then ssh will work.

Hope this helps.

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