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SSH/SCP failed in netconfig LMS 4.0

dear all,

I just explore LMS 4.0, but I get problems when I want to activate Syslog feature in LMS 4.0 :

1. When I activate Syslog using netconfig I get an error like in my attachment. I already set the protocol order in Configure Transport Setting. I just try use SSH and SCP, and in my device (2960 switch) already activate "ip scp server enable'. but It still doesn't work. But, when I want to use SSH i don't know how to set the username and password for SSH in LMS. because in my switch is using TACACS for authentication. Note: i already HTTPS but it's not working.

2. Can I save the syslog.log file daily, automatically.. ? for example : if today is 15Dec2011 the LMS will generate 15Dec2011-syslog.log, if tomorrow the LMS will generate 16Dec2011-syslog.log file, and so on.

Thanks before for your help


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