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SSH to second internet connection

I have a 2800 series router with 2 internet connections from different providers. I can SSH to one internet address but not to the other.

Is it possible to setup the router so that SSH will work to both IP addressess?


Re: SSH to second internet connection

The IP address on which you cannot connect is available from Internet, or from where are you trying to connect to? Can you ping it?

What happens when you try to connect? It's reject or the connection stale? Also check for ACL on the 2800.

Normally you should be able to connect through any public IP, if it's not explicit denied somehow.

Please give some more details.

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Re: SSH to second internet connection

No I cant ping it as I have ping turned off on both connections. I will turn it on and check later

today. Internet access was verified across both connections from inside though.

When I try to connect with an SSH client it times out. I don't see anything in the logs even with debug SSH turned on.

This is a zone based configuration. I have reviewed the configuration to see if anything is different from one side to other and couldn't see anything different. The only thing I have come up with so far is that this might not be possible due to default routes.

I have route maps setup on each connection, but also noticed that I have a default route statement. Do I need both?

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