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New Member

Strange issue with SNMP

Hello, I am facing an issue with SNMP .

We have 3 sites (1-2-3) and a SNMP server on site 2.

The 3 sites are connected via VPN l2l all terminating on cisco asa.

The 3 sites are on different subnets (site 1, site 2 site 3

From the SNMP server ( ) I can reach all devices on all subnets excluded the 2 cisco asa on site 1 and 3 ( and

I have installed another SNMP server on site 1 ( and from here I can reach again all devices but not cisco asa on site 1 and 3

(I have to mention that behind the cisco asa on site 2 we have other asa that are reachable via snmp).

Is there any specific configuration for the vpn tunnel to allow snmp working also on the asa?

Thank you for your help

New Member

Strange issue with SNMP

Solved by adding this command on the ASA on site 2:

asa(config)#management-access inside
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