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Suspending (unmanaging) interfaces in DFM

LMS 2.6, DFM 2.0.9

I have several ASA devices for which I have no backup. As a crude manual backup, I have created Vlans on L3 switches with the IP addresses of the ASA protected interfaces and placed them in a shutdown state. The idea is that if I have a hardware failure on one of the ASAs I can bring up the Vlan interfaces on the L3 switches and continue to forward traffic in an unprotected mode, which in this environment is preferable to waiting until the hardware is replaced.

The problem: DFM complains about the shudown Vlans having duplicate addresses with the ASAs. It seems that suspending the interfaces in DFM does no good. Is there any way to prevent this (customizable groups maybe)?

The other problem is the DFM UI. I THINK that I have unmanaged the interfaces on some of the L3 switches, but I would like to check that. How can I bring up the detailed device view when a device hasn't raised an alarm and doesn't appear in the AAD display? How can I get a list of devices that have components which are unmanaged?

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Re: Suspending (unmanaging) interfaces in DFM

No, there is no way around this. DFM insists on complaining about duplicate addresses even if they are shutdown. The best thing you can do is to manually clear these events when they occur.

You can always get to the DDV from DFM > Devices > Device Details.

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