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SVC-NAM2 5.1 Sites export

i am trying to find a cli method to get *some* of the configuration of my SVC-NAM2 so that i can import it into 3 other SVC-NAM2s.  here's the setup:

I have 4 6509s connected in a ring, each in a different physical site, each with different "sites" connected to them.  each 6509 has an SVC-NAM2 for monitoring, packet capture, metrics, etc.

i would ideally set up all my "sites" on all my NAMs, so that if a site connecting to 6509-A is talking to 6509-C, both NAMs can aggregate that data and report on it. 

I have used the GUI to populate all the "sites" on 6509-A, as well as all the specific DSCP groups I want to report on.  when i go to the cli and do a "show config" it provides all the application groups, ip addressing, etc....but none of the sites or DSCP groups.  i can't figure out what "show" command will allow me to export this information, nor which cli commands would actually allow me to add it to the remaining 3 NAMs i need to provision.

Is there a simple way to add DSCP and Site groups in bulk at the CLI?  or a simple way to extract/export those from the CLI?

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