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Swich Cluster - problem with DCR


I have problem with switches which are configured like cluster.

Master's configuration:

cluster enable CLUSTER-ABC 0

cluster member 1 mac-address 0019.2f7d.5b80

Member's configuration:

cluster commander-address 0019.2f61.db80 member 1 name CLUSTER-ABC vlan 1

How would be the corect configuration?

I tried following configuration:

Master configured like "Cisco Cluster Management Suite"

Member configured like "Cluster Managed"

But in this example DCR hasn't any information about member.

Do anybody know what I have to do in CW in this case?

My software:

Solaris LMS 2.6 Common Services 3.0.5


Cisco Employee

Re: Swich Cluster - problem with DCR

First you need to add the cluster commander to DCR as a Standard device. The trick, though, is to select Cisco Cluster Management Suite for the device type. Fill in the rest of the attributes normally.

Then, for each cluster member, add them to DCR as a Cluster Managed Device. All you need to specify for them are the display name, cluster name (select from list), and member number.

Then, add a Cluster Managed Device entry for the cluster commander. You must use 0 for the member number.

Note: DCR will never talk to the devices, so it is up to the applications (e.g. RME, Campus, etc.) to query the devices and update DCR. There is currently a bug in RME (CSCsg50511) where RME will not be able to get inventory for cluster managed devices. Unfortunately, there is no workaround, but this bug should be fixed in LMS 3.0.

Community Member

Re: Swich Cluster - problem with DCR

I still have got a problem. When I have done like you describe I haven't any information about members i DCR. But on Home Page's Common Services I see information "Device not configured in ACS". Do I have to configure members in ACS? I thought that in ACS have to be only inforation about Master.


Cisco Employee

Re: Swich Cluster - problem with DCR

If the members have an IP address configured in DCR, then they need to also be configured in ACS.

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