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Sync Archive fails for CRSs on LMS 3.1

Hi, I've been trying to collect the configuration of some CRS-1 4-slot but it keeps on failing. These are the only devices I'm missing (out of 2,000). I've tried to tweak the timeout values but it makes no difference. The actual values are set to:

     SNMP Retry = 6

     SNMP Timeout = 90 sec

     Telnet Timeout = 120 sec

     TFTP Timeout = 60 sec

The protocols I'm using to retrieve the configs are SSH, Telnet, and TFTP. Telnet is disabled on this devices, they use SSH v2 instead. What I get from the job details is:

*** Device Details for 9R_MCO_NEXTENGO ***
Protocol ==> Unknown / Not Applicable
Selected Protocols with order ==> SSH,Telnet,TFTP
Execution Result:
CM00139 Could not archive config Cause: Action: Verify that device is managed and credentials are correct. Increase timeout value, if required.

They are managed by RME, indeed and it has been able to collect their inventory. This CW is installed on Solaris 9. If I try to SSH from the console it prompts me for a password, but if I type in CW server's account password it won't log me in. Then I need to specify my username and I'm able to get access.

     # ssh -l CISWORKS

Does this looks like an SSH issue? Then it should be able to collect the configs by TFTP. Or are CRSs not fully supported on LMS 3.1? This devices are running IOS XR 3.6.2.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Sync Archive fails for CRSs on LMS 3.1

This sounds to me like the credentials are misconfigured in DCR.  Go to Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management, and re-enter the username and password for this device.  Then see if you can archive the configuration.  The CRS-1 4-slot chassis is supported in RME 4.2.

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