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Sync Archive issue

Dear friends,

I discovered about 20 devices and then ran a Sync Archive job on those 20 devices by choosing "All devices".

Again later, i added another 15 devices and i assumed that Sync Archive would have taken care of doing a config backup for them as well.

But it was still taking a Sync Archive on the old set of devices? Is this behaviour normal?

Should i go again and create another Sync Archive job on all the 35 devices together?

Or is there a way that i can have a dynamic category of devices on which i can run a Sync Archive job on so that makes things easier if there are

more devices added.

Thanks a lot


Community Member

Re: Sync Archive issue

Sorry, missed to add that it LMS version si 3.2 and RME version is 4.3.0

Thanks and Regards


Cisco Employee

Re: Sync Archive issue

Yes, this is normal.  By default RME defaults to using device selectors.  If you want to create a job that operates on a dynamic list of devices, you need to use select the "Group Selector" radio button at the top of the device selector.  This will allow you to choose groups of devices rather than static lists of devices.

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