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Synchronise VSG policy between 2 Data Centers- No OTV DCI

Hi all

I have taken on a old project with the following VSG design; I'm trying to figure out how i could syncronise a VSG/VNMC policy from DC1 to DC2... If there a feature to do this ? Below is my setup/layout

DC1---VM---VSM---VSG----VNMC---- (L3 Cloud)---DC2---VM---VSM---VSG---VNMC

Each DC has its own HA VSM/VSG plus a standalone VNMC

My requirement is; if i make a policy change on VNMC/VSG in DC1, that policy should be syncronised or copied to DC2 reflecting the policy/policyset etc

Currently, i have to do that replication of the policy from DC1 to DC2 manually. My problem is there is currently no OTV DCI connectivity between the 2 DCs, i would have though that, adding the VSG Data VLAN in OTV would have sorted the problem out. Vservice setup is L2; will changing to to L3 make any difference ?

Your help will be apprecaited


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