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Syslog Collection Suddenly Stops on LMS 3.2

Dear Joseph

I am having a very strange issue on  LMS 3.2

The problem is that the syslog collection suddently stops receiving logs and writing them into the syslog.log file

I have checked the following:

- Packet sniff to make sure that logs are being received on the server's NIC interface

- Checked the  UDP port 514 is bound to the crmlog process.

- Checked the crmlog is running.

When i restart the server, the  syslog connections works for a week or two and save the received logs in the syslog.log file, but after that it suddenly stops collecting log again, all the above points stays valid (service running, UDP Port...)

I have attached the LMS's modules versions installed on the server.

Kindly advise

Best regards,


Cisco Employee

Syslog Collection Suddenly Stops on LMS 3.2

Hello Georges,

Apart of all the those things, i would like you to check when the syslog stops do we have the SyslogAnalyzer and SyslogCollector bind to their ports?

Mostly Syslog service for Ciscoworks depends a lot on these two services.

SyslogAnalyzer uses port 3333 and SyslogCollector uses port 4444.

You can try to change the port number for SyslogAnalyzer from 3333 to another one which seems available (eg: 3345,3346 etx). It can be changed using following script :

NMSROOT/bin/perl      NMSRoot/bin/



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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