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Syslog problem on LMS 2.6 update

Hi there,

Can you help me with this issue;I have CW-LMS 2.5 bundle installed and working perfect with every tools down to Syslog Analyzer, except the UT in Campus Manager. Now in order to work that out I have to upgdrade the CM4.0.3 to CM-4.0.9 and CS-3.0.3 to CS-3.0.5. This was issue in the LMS 2.5 bug so I have to install the patches. But I did experience to install instead the LMS 2.6 update in order to get those latest patches + CM4.0.9. Upon knowing that the installation was no error. But after the installation and try running some tools everything was ok but the Syslog Anlyzer was not.Is there any solution for this to solve and bring back the Syslog Analyzer running.See attachment also

Cisco Employee

Re: Syslog problem on LMS 2.6 update

Check to make sure the SyslogCollector and SyslogAnalyzer processes are running properly. If they are, then this error may be transient due to a bug where SyslogAnalyzer takes a long time to initialize if there are a lot of automated actions configured.

If the error does not go away after a few hours, check the AnalyzerDebug.log for errors.

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