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Syslog Server

Hi all,

I have enable syslog local7 in my syslog server and device, now my question will I able to see all from local 7 to local0?if not then please tell me how would I enable all syslog from local0 to local7. Please advice



Cisco Employee

Re: Syslog Server

I do not understand the question. local0 and local7 represent facilities. The facility has significance to the syslog server. The server can, based on that facility, write the messages to a different file, forward the messages, or do additional processing.

Severities, on the other hand, operate in a way such that all messages that are as severe or more severe than a configured severity will be sent to the syslog server. For example:

logging trap debug

Will cause all syslog messages from severity 7 down to severity 0 to be sent to your syslog servers.

New Member

Re: Syslog Server

See i have configured local7 in my syslog server and in device. So, what kind of messages I would be seeing my in my syslog server?

How do i configure or which local? should be configure to see all kind of messages in sever for that device.

I hope its clear now.



Cisco Employee

Re: Syslog Server

The facility you use does not control which messages that device sends. That is controlled by the severity. The syslog server will use the facility for categorization purposes. local7 is the default, and is what applications such as Resource Manager Essentials use for processing messages.

A typical severity to configure such that you get the most useful messages is informational:

logging trap informational

This will give you severity 6 and more sever messages (i.e. severities 0-6). Therefore, you probably want to configure your device in the following mannger:

logging facility local7

logging trap informational

Then make sure your syslog server expects all Cisco syslog messages to come in on facility local7.

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