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Template center job says "successful", configuration not applied

I have a custom template in configuration -> template center that I created to deploy the initial configuration on 2960S stacks.  It applies some global configuration then creates a couple of custom smartport macros, one for access ports and one for trunk ports.  Finally it applies the smartport macros in "config interface range" mode.  The deploy jobs always complete successfully.

The problem is these jobs are not completely sucessful.  One of the commands in the access port configuration macro is "auto qos voip cisco-phone". The first thing I noticed is that while the auto qos statement appears in the configuration there is really no interface qos applied - no priority-queue out, no mls qos statements, and no service policy.  The second thing that I noticed is that the global qos statements also do not appear - no "mls qos map", no "mls qos srr-queue"... nothing.

My first thought was not that it was an LMS problem but rather an IOS problem.  Probably something to do with the "auto qos" command, which is a macro itself, inside a smarports macro.  So to prove my theory out I took the job log and culled the actual configuration statments that were generated.  I erased the switch configurations and reloaded.  Then I pasted the same configuration statments into a telnet session.  It all worked.  The interface and the global qos configurations looked correct.

So I decided it must be a timeout problem in LMS.  I went to Admin -> Network -> Timeout and Retry settings.  I changed the telnet timeout from 36 seconds (odd value - did I change this before?) to 90 seconds.  Erase config, reload switch stack, retry config template job, same result.

LMS 4.2.3, Win2K8 R2.  Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?  I mean, in reality there are 2 problems.  Fist is that the config template doesn't work.  And the second and in my opinion more severe software flaw is that LMS tells me that it DOES work which could lead to the installation of a misconfiuged device into the prodcution network.



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