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Terminal Console Server OR Access Server

Guys i am in need of a device on which i can connect all my network devices via serial / ethernet or any other port & can access them froma remote location using a Dialup.

Please let me know if this can be done.


Cisco Employee

Re: Terminal Console Server OR Access Server

Hi Imranraheel:

Yes, such a device is very possible--they're in labs on every Cisco campus and countless thousands of other locations around the world.  The old 2500 series routers were extremely popular to use for these purposes, although just about any model router with asychronous interfaces can be used.  Typically the router has several async serial interfaces that get broken out by an octal cable and connect to the console ports of routers and switches in multiples of 8.  A modem can then be attached to another serial interface and connected to a modem and phone line.  I would think that most partners and resellers would be very familiar with the concept and help you put together one sized appropriately for your needs.  An inbound connection gets re-routed to the device by doing a reverse telnet over one of the serial lines connected over the octal cable links.


Rollin Kibbe

Network Management Systems Team

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Re: Terminal Console Server OR Access Server

Another option is a Termianl Server (i.e. DECserver 90M) which will provide 8 serial ports (RJ45). This can be connected to the LAN (again via an RJ45 port).  We have lots of these across our environment and are used to provide serial comms to Process Control systems, serially attached printers, remote access, connecting modems etc etc.  They are highly configurable - you would basially set up a TELNET Listener to gain access to the device connected to the port and then configure various characteristics (baud rate etc).  I have never come across a scenario where we could not acheive what we wanted using these.


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Re: Terminal Console Server OR Access Server

This is the best device for home/small/medium/enterprise/datacenter bar none.

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