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To Increase Production Windows

To increase production windows, we are thinking of having two servers A1 and A2. Where A1 is accessed by users through address A and ETL is accessing server A2 through B. Once ETL has finished, we wish to swap the addresses such that A points to A2 and B points to A1. What do we need? What are the cheapest Options? Best options? Thanks, Dara


Re: To Increase Production Windows

I'm not sure I understand your requirements. Are the servers currently at 10mb, 100mb or gig? How have you verified that their is network congestion?

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Re: To Increase Production Windows

Thanks Collin for the reply. I do not have network congestion. I merely wish to increase my processing window and let the users access the production environment until ETL is done. Once ETL is done, I wish to make the instance that ETL has worked on to be the production environment that users will be pointing through a swap of server addresses, without users impacted and downtime.

Re: To Increase Production Windows

Hmmm, the only way I can think off that might come close is to use EEM with HSRP and schedule a change, however there will be a moment of downtime. You could also try GSS with an ACE, but that's a lot of money. I don't know much about ETL, but could you create a separate layer 2 network just for ETL and the servers? Users will always point to "prod" IP's and the ETL would use the isolated network on the backend.

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