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to see port historic data

In Cisco switch, How can I know each port of historic data? Example..

port no. f0/1 - last used on 04 May 2010 07:33am,

port no. f0/2 - last used on 04 May 2010 11:34am,

port no. f/03 - last used on 01 May 2010 19:00......

By this information, I can unplug the unused cables from the switch as the swich is running 24hrs.

Cisco Employee

Re: to see port historic data

This information is available in the CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution application, Campus Manager.  Campus will keep track of when a port was last used, and provides a report to show all ports which have been unused for a specified amount of time.

You can download an evaluation version of LMS 3.2 from .

Community Member

Re: to see port historic data

I've already installed in one of my 2k3 servers but show up 'Cannot Find Server' http://(servername):1741/

any suggestion for me. thx

Cisco Employee

Re: to see port historic data

If you installed this on Windows, you may be seeing CSCtb17186.

 After entering credentials into the login screen of CiscoWorks LAN Management
Solution, an error is thrown indicated that redirection has failed. 
Alternatively, the user may be redirected forever.  Firefox may report:
 The page isn't redirecting properly
 This is most readily seen with LMS 3.2 running on Windows 2008 servers. 
However, the problem can affect any version of LMS running on Windows if
cookies are disabled for the internal SYSTEM user on the LMS server.  One known
way to disable cookies for this user is by using the Internet Explorer Admin
 First, make sure the server is running a supported configuration as per
 If the problem persists, open regedit.exe, and create or modify the following
registry key DWORDs:
 Settings\Zones\0\1A10 : DWORD : 0
 Settings\Zones\1\1A10 : DWORD : 0
 Settings\Zones\2\1A10 : DWORD : 1
 Settings\Zones\3\1A10 : DWORD : 1
 Settings\Zones\4\1A10 : DWORD : 3
 Then restart CiscoWorks Daemon Manager.

Community Member

Re: to see port historic data

Thx for your info. Is there any other way to get the historic data (last used) with cisco command ? It's not for monitoring every ports of the switches, just to check one or two ports for troubleshooting. I'm sure my boss won't buy LMS as limited budget. I'm sorry to bother you again. Thx again.

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