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Tomcat servlet engine service trouble

Hi all- I have problem with the CiscoWorks Tomcat servlet engine service. If I manually stop the CiscoWorks Daemon Manager and then that in turn of course stops all the CiscoWorks services like I wanted it to. But after I do my maintenance and restart the CiscoWorks Daemon manager and then attempt to manually restart all the other CiscoWorks services that were stoped the Tomcat service is the only one that will not restart. So right now I have to restart the whole server in order to correct this. Can anyone give me some insight into this? Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: Tomcat servlet engine service trouble

You should never be manually starting any service other than the CiscoWorks Daemon Management service. The other services (except RCP, TFTP, and syslog) should be set to manual, and you should never use the Services control panel to do anything with CiscoWorks services unless directed to do so by TAC.

If Tomcat will not start, check NMSROOT\MDC\tomcat\logs\stdout.log, and see if there are any errors there. If this log is not being updated, the the Tomcat VM may not be getting properly initialized. Make sure you have at least 2 GB of physical RAM in the box and 4 GB of swap space. If you do, and Tomcat still will not start, double the swap space and try again.

If, after that, Tomcat will not start, open a TAC service request as you will need to do some additional in-depth troubleshooting for this problem.

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